Who really is the cigarette? What types and formats?

Cigarette is a small cylinder of fine-cut tobacco leaves wrapped in a shroud that can be smoked.The cigarette is lit at one end, starting a slow combustion whose smoke can be inhaled by the other
tip. Most modern, factory-produced cigarettes include a filter at one end,and generally include reconstituted tobacco and other additives. Some people inhale smoke through a mouthpiece.

The main psychoactive chemical in tobacco is nicotine, which is extremely addictive.The smoke produced by cigarettes is an aerosol with more than 4000 different chemical compounds,which nicotine, carbon monoxide and acrolein.

There are many versions about the origin of the cigarette.Formerly in the 9th century in Central America they were attested in the form of pipes made of bamboo.At the time of the Mayans and the Aztecs, they used smoke during religious rituals, seen portrayed in ceramics and prints from that time. But nowadays in the Caribbean, Mexico and the central and southern Americas, smoking is the most common method for smoke .

did you know that cigarettes produced in Central and South America used several plants as a package. But when the smoke was taken to Espenha, they had the idea of ​​wrapping it with corn straw.
The paper began to be produced in the 17th century with fine paper for packaging. In the middle of 1830 the cigarette was inserted in France and there it gained a new name ¨Cigarrete¨, it started
to be produced on an industrial scale from 1845.

Do you know how the cigarette got popular?

The French and British troops wanted to imitate the Turks who smoked their tobacco in pipes. decided to do the same and cigarettes started to become popular. In times of wars and economic crises,
cigarette was highly valued. During the Second World War, for example, four hundred francs for a cigarette, since they were rationed for soldiers.

But in 1833 the first cigarette packages called ¨Cigarillo or Cigarito¨, called so they thought it looked like a cicada. Nowadays there are several brands, some traditional others mentholes.
But his purpose changed a lot, because in the 9th century, at the beginning of everything, his consumption was therapeutic and nowadays over time smoking has become a form of pleasure and even
of sensuality.
Despite the reduction in smoking in developed countries and also in Brazil, smoking is still the greatest evil in the modern world.
In several countries in the world such as China, India, the United States and Russia, smoking is highly prevalent.

World mortality is estimated to have increased by about 5% in recent years. It is estimated that one in four men and one in 20 women smoke today.
Approximately 80% of smokers live in 24 countries, with two thirds in low and middle countries income where the burden of tobacco related illnesses and deaths is even more frequent.
Current smokers are also estimated to consume about six trillion cigarettes every year.

Tobacco consumption in the world has been increasing in developing countries and decreasing in developing countries.
developed countries.

Another positive fact is the decrease of 34% in the last five years of passive smokers. According to World Health Organization (WHO), in 2013, passive smoking was the third leading cause of death
preventable in the world, second only to active smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Let’s understand the difference between the types of fumes:

Virginia tobacco grows in Bulgaria and is defined as “filler tobacco” as they are the most
used in the manufacture of cigarette packs. Because they are quite popular in manufactured cigarettes,
end up being widely used also in homemade cigarettes. The colors of its leaves are varied,
going from light golden to dark orange.

Its flavor is more sweet, having little nicotine and a good burn. Due to the popularity and great
investment in production, is easily accessible tobacco. Its healing process is considered fast,
taking up to five days for the leaves to be ready for consumption. Although much of the production
current come from Bulgaria, Virginia takes that name due to the American state where cultivation started.
Latakia this type of cigarette is produced in Cyprus and part of Syria, having a unique healing process.
Latakia leaves are cured in a controlled fire, using some types of wood, herbs and spices
burning. It is as if you are making smoked sausage, but the “meat” is tobacco.

It has an aroma that makes you travel, thinking about adventures and camping. In addition, the taste is
unmatched, mixing the taste of tobacco with that of herbs, often peppery.
it can be smoked in a cigarette, but it also goes well with pipe and hookah.
Perique is considered the “pipe smoke truffle”, due to its rarity and unique taste. Its origin is
St. James, Louisiana, the only place where it is produced